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I am currently in the Bing organization of Microsoft working in the Geospatial area. In 2013, we shipped two versions of the Win 8.1 Maps apps - 2D Maps and 3D Maps.

I moved to the West Coast in 2005 — In 2007, I joined Nokia Research Center after spending almost 2 years at a startup — Metaweb Technologies. At Nokia, I am working in an incubator group that is exploring and developing new Internet Services and Solutions in the Mobile, Collaboration, and Business Enterprise spaces. Prior to this position, I worked at Metaweb Technologies developing UI, AJAX technologies, and applications for Semantic Web. A showcase product called Freebase has recently become publicly visible.

Analysis of Norms Development on Portkey published at Interact 2005
C. Danis & A. Lee. Evolution of Norms in a Newly Forming Group.

Gary Poock Best Paper Award at AVIOS 2005
T.V. Raman and I co-authored this year's AVIOS best paper entitled Speech-Enablement of Eclipse IDE and Eclipse Rich Client Applications Using AspectJ.

Recent Projects:

  • A "Java + VoiceXML" programming model akin to "XHTML + VoiceXML" that enables Web GUI developers to speech-enab le Web applications; reference implementation for Eclipse SWT toolkit.
  • An approach to broad-based accessibility for graphical applications using the Eclipse f ramework and AspectJ (aspect-oriented programming).
  • Web accessibility scaffoldings that enable seniors to learn skills to function online with greater autonomy.
  • Web-based knowledge sharing and social interaction portals (CHIplace and Portkey) for members to meet, network, and share tacit knowledge and experiences.
  • Social browsers (e.g., People browser, and Conversation browser) that enable participants to explore relationships between people and discussions.
  • New paradigms for Web-based collaboration (concept demo ~5M).
  • Web-based customer-relationship management.
  • Forms abstraction toolkit recast as a Web technology.
  • Video-based background awareness tool, known as NYNEX Portholes.

Research Areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Multimedia Information Access and Management.

Research Topics: Accessibility, Communities, Computing-off-the-Desktop, Multimodal Interactions, Personal Information Access and Management, Social Information Visualization, Sociable Collaborative Spaces, UI Programming Models, Virtual Meetings, and Web Application Development.

Contact Information
Alison Lee
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 323-3629

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